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Address: URL City: Large-30, Medium-15, Small-5; point (p) Location in the city: perif.-10; suburb-20; out-of-town-30; * (p) Form of ownership: self employed-5; LLC-15; JSC-25; State-30 (p) *Upload documents Duration of work activity every years-1 point * Download your certificate License, level of responsibility 1 lvl.-30; Lvl. 2-20; Lvl. 3 -10; (p) *Upload License Total number of employees 10 person -8; (p) *Download the staffing table State titles of employees; top level-15; honored.-10; excellent -5; *Upload the certificate Title of trainers; candid. master sports -10; m. s. – 15; inter. m.s.-20; *Upload certificates Number of Ph.D, Candid. of Sc. -20; Doctor of Sc. -30; (p) *Upload diplomas Sports complex awards; State -10; Internat.20; Region -15;(p) *Download your certificate Membership of the sports complex in public unions, associations, etc.-3; (p) *Download your certificate The total area of the sports complex is 100m2-1; (p) *Upload the building data sheet Technical and technological support. Cost 10thou.$-1; (p) *Upload inventory, value in $ Open polygons, trails; 1km-5; points * Upload documents Winners of the championships; internat.-30; regional- 20; state -10; (p) *Download the certificate Competitor reviews 1 review - 3 points *Upload scanned copies of the documents Number of athletes per day; 10 people. -5; (p) *Download the log
1 Palmer Motorsports Park 295 открыть 5 30 15 10 20 24 10 20 0 15 6 7 40 30 10 3 50 0